Ethics and Data: A Digital Responsibility issue

Our society has evolved to a point where it is driven by digital services and data. For good or for bad, time will tell, but clearly with no coming back. On that path of digital transition, young researchers must be acutely aware of its responsibility when designing systems, services and doing research. Understanding the underlying implications, principles and how to reason in this new environment is now essential for young researchers.


This session aims at raising awareness on the increasing responsibility we have as researchers facing the digitization of our society by introducing simple and concrete elements that can be leveraged to assess ethical and social issues in this context of a service and data driven society.


After introducing the context and the general concerns, we will introduce a framework for reasoning on ethical and social issues in ICT. Basic principle will be presented and discussed followed by a step by step method to analyze such situations from an ethical and social point of view. Participants will then engage in groupwork to address a concrete situation and present their results to all for discussion.


  • The workshop is free and open to PhD students and postdocs from the UNIGE and IHEID.

Practical information

  • Number of participants: 15 (min. 8);
  • Languages: English;
  • A certificate of attendance will be issued at the end of the module.


Jean-Henry Morin is associate professor of Information Systems at University of Geneva, Institute of Information Service Science. He is the Director of the bachelor program in Information Systems and Service Science and president of ThinkServices, a Geneva based think(do)tank on Service Science and Innovation, where was designed. He was a professor at Korea University Business School, invited professor at Yonsei School of Business and invited researcher at in South Korea. In 2001 He was a cofounder of a Geneva based company specializing in corporate performance management solutions. His primary research and practice interest is in information security with a particular focus on Digital Rights Management (DRM) in the enterprise sector. His work on Exception Management in DRM environments has been transferred to the industry in partnership with This work is within the research area of socially responsible and sustainable security. He also carries out research in blockchain technology, cloud computing, Internet of Things, privacy, data protection, and transparency. His keen interest in Design Thinking as a skill served as a basis for ThinkServices and the creation of an academic FabLab in Geneva. He is the author of a book on digital responsibility (Editions Fyp, 2014) where he suggests the value of informed trust and transparency as the basis of an emerging principle of Co-Compliance (collaborative compliance). Twitter: @jhmorin LinkedIn:

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