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The Point Vie de campus

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  • The Point Vie de Campus reception desk will be closed from Monday July 1 to Friday July 12 inclusive. There will be no information or guidance during this period.
  • Access to the Point Vie de Campus remains open to the university community during these two weeks, Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm. 

Welcome to the Point Vie de campus/Campus Life information point! Located in the heart of Uni Dufour, this is a place where students can find information, guidance and entertainment. You'll be welcomed by our student relays, where you'll find all the extra-curricular services and activities offered during your studies.


  • Mondays to Fridays, from 10AM to 4PM (reception closed from July 1 to 12)
  • Uni Dufour 1st floor
  • Rue du Général-Dufour 24, 1204 Genève


  • Reception Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm
  • Guidance on campus offers
  • Office hours
  • Events throughout the year
  • Administrative procedures
  • New: two ping pong tables and board games freely available

Walk-in hours at the Point Vie de campus

Financial Aid

  • Until July 25: Thursday | 2pm-4pm
  • From August 7: Wednesday | 10am-12pm & Thursday | 2pm-4pm


  • Until June 27: Thursday | 14h-16h
  • Resumption in January 2025

Student Jobs

  • From September 19: Thursday | 2pm-4pm


  • Until June 27: Thursday | 2pm-4pm
  • From September 19: Thursdays 2pm-4pm (exceptional opening on Thursday August 29)