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Campus Life

Campus Life info point | Uni Dufour | 1st floor
Welcome desk | Monday-Friday | 10AM-4PM

The Campus Life info point guides you and can give you tips. If you need a specific answer to your question, please contact (by mail or phone) the appropriate office.

Admissions Office

About us

The Admissions Office is here to help students during their studies with registrations, academic fees, faculty changes and other extracurricular administrative aspects, even printing.

You will receive an answer to your questions/requests within 3 business days

  • Admissions Office hotline:
    Monday-Friday | 10:30-1PM
  • Walk-in hours (Campus Life information point): Thursday | 2pm-4pm

Career Center

About us

The Career Center aims to guide the students and graduates from the University of Geneva through their transition from student to professional life. It helps them identify a position that matches their interests, ambitions and skills. Students can also get a strategical outlook on their personal and professional fulfillment.


About us

The Culture Office offers dozens of activities: dance, music, photography, video, audio, cinema, drama, writing, nature…
Explore with our classes and workshops… Admire with our shows, concerts, screenings, performances and exhibitions.

Financial Aid

About us

The University of Geneva and the HES-SO Geneva offer help and support to students going through difficult financial times with scholarships, one-time aids, tax exemptions and social counseling.

  • Financial Aid hotline:
    Tuesday | 9AM‑11AM
    Thursday | 2PM‑4PM
  • Walk-in hours (Campus Life information point):
    Thursday | 2pm-4pm

Graduate Campus


The Graduate Campus is a structure dedicated to doctoral students and postdocs, whose missions are (1) to provide information on the PhD journey; (2) to support doctoral training; (3) to strengthen the community of early career researchers; and (4) to develop employability beyond academia.

Observatory of Student Life

About us

The Observatory of Student Life conducts studies with surveys for students. Its goal is to produce knowledge on the student world in order to be a decision-making tool. The studies cover every part of a student life to get a regular and diachronic analysis of phenomena linked to life conditions and study environment.

Social counseling

About us

Our social counselor helps students to manage their social issues and understand their financial difficulties linked to their studies. She gives them tools to pursue their studies under the best possible conditions.


About us

The Sports Office offers dozens of solo and team activities, a sports complex, camps, tournaments and championships… This university knows how to keep moving!

Student jobs

About us

The Student jobs Office aims to support students from the University of Geneva in finding a job during their studies: From searching to working.

  • Student jobs hotline:
    Monday-Friday (except Tuesdays) | 9AM-12PM
  • Walk-in hours (Campus Life information point):
    Thursdays | 2PM‑4PM

Teaching and Learning Support

About us

Our multidisciplinary and devoted team will help with any educational matter. Our goal is to contribute to the quality of the academic training and ensure conditions that favor the assistance and the success of students.

"Together, we will take up the challenges of academic teaching and learning."