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Communication, oral or written, is a particularly important skill, whether it be during one’s academic journey (congresses, workshops, lab meetings, teaching) where each day is punctuated with communicational situations, or on the labor market (extracurricular) where skills in communication are sought-after by employers (Durette, 2007).

We put the reinforcement of this soft skill at the very heart of our services, as it is essential for PhD students, but also for the professor-to-be.

We organize group workshops on different themes linked to soft skills and events that punctuate the academic career. These workshops allow the exchange of habits and thoughts enhanced by the experiences and the patchwork of disciplinary traditions that each and every participant will bring.

Whether you are doing a PhD, coordinating/heading a doctoral school, or are part of a student association, we are here to help you with your needs.

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Graduate Campus gives access to a whole platform that guides you during your doctoral journey. Find complete training courses for you to acquire digital skills, knowledge on new tools and working methods, and numerous advice and resources to accompany you while preparing your thesis.


Go through the following resources and useful links on various themes. Help yourself and ask for an appointment with one of our consultants in teaching for more information and tips designed for your situation.

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