Doctoral support

Advice and Support

Course type:
  • The group workshop has given you some ideas but you still don't see how to adapt them to your context?
  • You want to benefit from an outside perspective to develop your presentation?
  • You are stressed by the defense and you want to put all the chances on your side to perform at your best that day?
  • You think you would benefit from a role-playing exercise to ensure the quality of your presentation?

We are at your disposal to accompany and support you, whatever your level of progress in your thesis.

Whether you are 1 month away from defending or 3 years away, whether you want to prepare a presentation for a conference or for your thesis defense, we can help you prepare this event and strengthen your communication skills (structuring your presentation, preparing your support, valorizing your research).

Our support can take several forms:

  • a phone call to unblock a situation or answer a specific question
  • an appointment to prepare a presentation
  • a simulation to test your presentation
  • a simulation with a mock jury to anticipate the management of questions and debate

We will then determine the best ways to meet your needs effectively.


Please note that our services are free of charge only for doctoral students registered at the UNIGE.


Photo portrait de Mallory Schaub

Mallory Schaub

Head of the department, Pedagogical advisor

 10 rue du Conseil-Général, 6th floor

022 379 03 65


Photo portrait de Christophe Carlei

Christophe Carlei

Pedagogical advisor

 10 rue du Conseil-Général, 6th floor

+41 22 379 03 61