Request a leave of absence or quit

Request a leave of absence

Temporarily interrupt studies

Leave of absence is granted by the dean of the faculty or the director of the institute/center/school in question for a period of one semester or one year. It is renewable. The duration cannot exceed 2 semesters.

During leave of absence, the student is not authorized to take exams. However, the student is still matriculated and only pays fixed administrative fees (CHF 65/semester).

Procedure and deadlines for a leave of absence request

  • Contact the academic advisor (FR) of the faculty/institute/center to get all information and confirm the decision;
  • The leave of absence request form must be sent to the faculty/institute/center within the deadlines and according to the terms and conditions set by the faculty/institute/center.

Impact on semester fees

  • In accordance with the Statut de l’Université, art. 77 al. 2 (FR), only the fixed administratives fees of CHF 65 are due for the semester on leave of asbence. Fees are automatically updated within 24 hours after input by the faculty/institute/center in the information system. The adapted sum is visible on (FR) > Mon UNIGE > État de paiement des taxes;
  • If the student wishes to obtain a refund of already paid tutoring fees (CHF 435), they need to request it on on (FR) > Mon UNIGE > État de paiement des taxes;
  • The refund can take up to 2-3 weeks.