Change course of study

Change faculty, institute or center

To request a change of faculty/institute/center, please follow the steps below (does not apply to PhDs):

  1. Check the application deadline for the semester in question: Fall or Spring;
  2. Consult the study regulations of the faculty/institute/centre and/or program in question for specific admission requirements (particularly in the event of previous failure in another program);
  3. If necessary, contact an academic advisor (FR) for the program in question to make an informed choice;
    • For more general career guidance, particularly beyond the scope of the University, contact the OFPC (FR);
  4. Go to the UNIGE Application Portal;
  5. Create a SWITCH edu-ID account or log in, if you already have one, to access the UNIGE Application Portal;
  6. Follow the online instructions;
  7. Complete and submit the faculty change request within the deadline;
  8. Regularly monitor the status of the application by logging on to the UNIGE Application Portal and checking e-mails (including spam).

Nota bene

  • If you wish to apply for more than one course, you must submit a request for a change of faculty for each of the courses in question within the given deadline;
  • The request for a change of faculty only takes effect the following semester (does not concern new students);
  • A French exam may be required, depending on the course chosen;
  • If you have been enrolled in the UNIGE without the possibility to change course, you must first meet the enrollment requirements for the academic year in question before you can change course. In this case, you will be informed by email;
  • Except in special cases, all requests to change faculty are submitted to the faculty/institute/centre, which checks that the admission requirements for the program in question have been met. For conditions and other information, consult the faculty/institute/program's website, or contact the academic advisors (FR);
  • Anyone who has left the University (even after just one semester) and wishes to resume studies at another faculty/institute/center must apply for re-enrollment;
  • Anyone who is currently studying but will have a gap semester between the current course and the next must apply for re-enrollment.