Certificates and diplomas

Semester and exmatriculation certificates

The proof of semester registration document is made available on the online portal (FR). However, in order to gain access to the document, the given semester fees must have been paid and you must wait for the technical change of the semester (generally a few weeks before the start of the Fall semester and mid-February for the Spring semester). You can print a proof of semester registration for the ongoing semester and for the twenty previous semesters only if you are enrolled.

Please note: anyone both holding a working contract with UNIGE and studying there must log in with their student IDs and not their employee IDs in order to access their proof of semester registration!

Tip: download them on your device to keep them even after leaving UNIGE.

You have just been exmatriculated and still have your login details?

  • Once exmatriculated, your proof of exmatriculation (useful if you want to enroll in another Swiss higher education institution) is available on the online portal until expiration of your access. ​

Tip: download it immediately to keep it.

You have not kept it?

  • Request it from the Admissions Office via the online platform (CHF 15 fee) using this form. Select “Duplicate of an official document available to the student online CHF 15"
  • You have to attach to your request:
    • Your student number (XX-XXX-XXX format),
    • A copy of your ID,
    • Your current address (in case the document needs to be sent by post),
    • A proof of the CHF 15 payment.

More information on exmatriculation

Contact the student secretary of your faculty/institute/center.